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Diva Hair Box

About Us

What is Diva Hair Box

 Diva Hair Box is a hair extension subscription company.

Diva Hair Box provides do it yourself hair kits. A packaged hair kit includes a diva hair box, a hair storage bag, hair extensions, hair accessories, hair supplies, and instructions on how to install hair kit.

Hair subscription services are a new and innovative means for hair delivery and installation. Hair kits provide a greater variety, flexibility, and cost-efficient means for “completing hairstyles” at home. Hair supplies, and hair accessories, as well as instructions for installing hair at home are provided in the delivered hair kit. Hair kits are a modern alternative to going to the beauty supply store or going to the salon.

Customers are able to bring the salon experience home. A method is provided for beginners, step by step tutorials on how to install a hairstyle like a professional, all supplies included.

Boxes are perfect for all occasions, such as parties, weddings, camping, office, school, daily, makeovers, etc. 

It is our mission to provide customers with a high quality beauty experience.

 Designed for convenience Diva Hair Box can be delivered or picked up at Pop Up Shops.

How Does It Work

 Diva Hair Boxes are curated based on customer questionnaires, or by customers selecting items to receive. Customers are able to select how frequently they receive their hair kit. Customers are not constrained by conventional time frames. Customers can have subscriptions delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or annually.

Subscription customers may be allowed to create their own DIY hair box, complete with all hair supplies needed at any time, and/or in one subscription period, without further subscription commitment.

Boxes are curated based on customer item selection and delivered to customers.


Our Belief 

We believe in giving back to those around us, Diva Hair  Box provides free hair box's to individuals facing homelessness, individuals with alopecia, lupus, or cancer.

For the month of September, every Diva Hair Box that is sold, a Diva Hair Box will be donated to Cancer patients. 

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